“Doing Cash Giveaway on social is like paying people to be your fans” – Billionaire daughter,DJ Cuppy.

Billionaire daughter, Florence Otedola popularly known Dj cuppy, has explained why she doesn’t do giveaways.

Over time, as a form of rewarding loyalty, celebrities often do giveaways for their fans on social media.These giveaways could be in the form of, gifts, trips,free concert tickets, or even cash.

Cuppy, however, is not a fan of this idea at all. The “ Gelato ” singer revealed, that fans have talked to her about cash giveaways, but she has mixed feelings about it.

She further explains that she feels like would be paying people to become her fans by doing giveaways.

Her tweet reads ;

To all my Cupcakes that complain I don’t do Money Giveaways, I hear you… BUT I’ve always felt like that was
essentially paying people to be your fans?

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